For Ward 1 Councillor


For Ward 1 Councillor

My Plan

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My vision for Hamilton emphasizes a future for our city that benefits you—that offers you opportunity and hope. And now more than ever, I believe Hamilton Council must lead by example, listen to learn and govern with purpose.

From safe streets to investment in public spaces, repairing infrastructure to strengthening local economies, and with a lifelong passion for the community, representing Ward 1 in City Council gives me an opportunity to take a forward-thinking approach to civic governance.

Here’s my plan.  

When streets are designed to serve the interests of only motorists, we rob the city of wealth, better health, choice and environmental outcomes.

When streets are safer for our children and the aged, they are safer for everyone, including motorists driving to work or returning home to their families and friends.
We need to build a city for people by sharing and redesigning streets.

Too many Hamiltonians are unhoused. Too many people worry about housing availability and affordability. People are sleeping in parks or hiding in ravines. This is not a solution to our health and housing crisis. It is a reflection of it.

We need all communities, groups and governments to come together to address this urgent crisis. We all need to give it attention and the support all human beings deserve.

I believe we can do more to address the housing crisis.
The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how valuable public space and outdoor amenities are for our health and well-being.

With the closure of local businesses, more of us noticed the absence of public washrooms. The closure of parks taught us how how much we missed joining our children and grandchildren or neighbours there.

We need to keep investing in shared spaces and neighbourhoods.
The roads in the lower City are falling apart due to decades of underfunding, insufficient quality controls and no strategic investment plan.

The city’s Auditor General has confirmed that Hamiltonians have not been getting value for their tax dollars. And, it’s not just our roads. It’s our bridges, traffic controls, recreation centres and our underground infrastructure.

We must have a transparent and long-term funding plan for infrastructure enhancement/ repair with more public involvement.
Over the past century, we’ve used Cootes Paradise as a sewage tank and thought we were smarter than nature. We were wrong.

We frustrated natural flood controls in exchange for a system that allows heavy rainfall to pick up contaminants and move quickly and directly into Cootes and Lake Ontario. Extreme rain events will continue to overwhelm our wastewater and stormwater systems, increasing the risk of flooded basements, sewage overflow and more contaminants entering our waterways and natural habitats.

We must continue to curb sprawl and respond with new land and water management approaches to ensure contaminated water no longer enters our natural habitats.
Heatwaves in Hamilton can kill or do significant harm. Right now, regulations protect tenants from freezing but do nothing about the heat—and that has to change.

We must do more to protect the most vulnerable residents in our communities.
While the city must stay competitive and grow the local economy, the sprawl that bleeds development into prime farmland has ballooned our infrastructure deficit, added significantly to Hamilton's annual operating budgets and isn't environmentally sustainable.
We need to raise the bar for the development industry and demand better development. Too much of what is built is disposable. "Good enough for Hamilton" is no longer good enough.
A shrinking labour force over the next 30 to 40 years, mainly because of our aging population, will impact Hamilton’s economy, tax base and workforce.

We must strengthen Hamilton’s ability to attract and hold on to businesses and to attract and retain workers.

I will seek new and innovative ways for the city to stay competitive and grow the local economy.
I believe bold and trusted leadership is required to solve our city's problems. I hope I've demonstrated that.

I strive to be transparent as I can and as open as I can. That's not going to change.

I will continue to engage and empower residents in their efforts to hold Hamilton City Council to account and get better service.